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Friends, Friends, Friends...

I'm following  dainty_monster's lead and making my LJ friends only.   A woman in one of the communities I belong to has been stealing a bunch of baby photos and passing them off as her own, concocting strange and twisted stories about the children in the photos.. She also snarked Abigael's name in one of her non-LJ  blogs.  Since my journal is mostly about my life with my family and daughter and my theatre work, I think it is best if I am more careful about who reads my entries.  Anyway, I am going to keep everyone already on my friends list, but to those of you who read this blog  who are not LJ members, I apologize. 
Please comment if you want me to add you.  I would be honored to do so. 

something new

I am seriously considering undergoing doula training in October.  I have been thinking about this since Abbey's birth, and thought it would be something I would do after I am done having children.  But I think I am going to do it now.  I very much want to be around birth; and I want to be an advocate for women and their choices.  I had a long conversation with my midwife a few hours after Abigael's birth about how difficult labour and childbirth must be for teenage mums.  She told me about a client of hers who had no relatives or friends to support her during labour, and nobody to call with the good news after the birth.   Throughout my pregnancy and after Abigael came to me, I was very preoccupied with how difficult pregnancy could be for a woman/girl who didn't have the support of a partner or family member.
 I really want to do this.  There is no way I can take the four year course to become a midwife; it would mean moving and quitting my job, and that's just not possible.  But this I could do.  I'd love to volunteer at the local agency which helps teens with staying in school and finding housing during their pregnancies and after the births of their babies.   I can feel the pull.  I am excited, even though it's still just  in the planning stages. 

Jun. 3rd, 2006

The midwifery picnic was rained out today; we ended up apartment hunting for K who is moving back to Ottawa in a few weeks.  Our quest  led us to a great  flat owned by a chain-smoking  Eastern European man and his wife who has just had a tracheotomy and can barely breathe.  They were an astonishing and very odd couple.
Liam took me to see Cirque du Soleil yesterday as a Mother's Day treat.  The show was breathtaking, spectacular, wondrous.  Liam's aunt, grandma, and cousins babysat Abigael while we were gone.  We were away for a total of three hour and fifteen minutes, by far the longest she has ever been away from me.  I was slightly traumatised by how quiet the car was, and during the show I kept worrying that the noise would spook her, only to remember that she wasn't with us.  She had a marvelous time; she got to go play with the neighborhood kids at the park, she chased Aunt Liz's cat, and napped on grandma's bed.  I was very relieved that it all went so well.  Liam and I needed those three hours together to watch a show and run like kids in the pouring rain back to the car.
My swimmimg friend S has to undergo chemo and radiation for uterine cancer.  Her daughter A is just one month older than Abigael.  Her prognosis is good, but I can't imagine the fear and worry she must be going through right now.  She won't be able to come to the pool anymore because of her treatment but has the good fortune of having lots of family around to help care for little A.  She asked if she can bring her over to play with Abigael, and I think that would be delightful.  I hope she does. Another  friend, L, is just finishing up her treatments for breast cancer.  She is 39 and has two children, 7 and 2.  The spooky part is that she worked in a building where several young people have developed cancers in recent years, all of which worked on the same side of the building.  All of them are in remission, and hopefully L will be too.

Some Enchanted Evening

I found Liam's lost wedding band this morning, had two wonderful conversations with some nice mom friends, and took some time to play with the bunnies tonight (they have been neglected since wee Abbey came along).
Liam grilled filet mignon for dinner, I just got out of a marvelous cool shower, and Abigael has been asleep for three hours without a peep.  I might just cut myself a slice of strawberry pie and eat it before bed.  On a day like this, ain't life sweet?

Ah the CBC

Some jerks beat and robbed a 91 year old man not too  far from here a few weeks ago.  He was tied up for a good long while until he was found, and he kept himself together by singing the old hymn "How Great Thou Art".  I cried when I watched that story on the news that night, and I cried when I read this update: Bless'em.


16 Candles

I had to conduct an interview for potential members of the co-op this evening.  It was the first time  for Rose, my co-interviewer.  So the applicants arrived, a lovely couple with their 18 month old son.  Abigael really likes other babies, especially boys.  I don't know how she can tell that they are boys, but she knows.  She reacts totally differently to boys; she gets really hyper and excited.  She laughs and bounces and wants to play.  The interview begins.  Abigael pukes.  Barfs.  Throws up on the credit check, on the application, on the landlord check, on my shirt, on my pants, the floor, the table, the chair.  I can smell it still even though we had a bath.  A quarter of me is mortified, another quarter worried,  and the rest just thinks it's pretty freakin' funny.  She has never vomited before, not even spit up.  She had to make her puking debut in front of an audience of strangers.
 Mama's girl.
Anyway, the lack of fever and the subsequent cheery, happy mood lead me to think that  the incident was caused by the stimulation of baby Lucas's visit, and the fact that she was sitting on my lap when she wanted to be down to play. Perhaps I was holding her too tightly around the tummy... We'll see how the night goes and we might pop in to see Dr. D tomorrow if we need to.

I had my braces put in on Monday.  My teeth, gums, and the insides of my cheeks are incredibly sore.  I can't believe I am going though this for one tooth.  I am considering stealing some of Abbey's herbal teething remedy.  So I got my driver's license and braces within a few weeks of each other.... I feel like I am sixteen again.  Abigael was babysat for the very first time during my orthodontic ordeal.  She was upset when I left, and I thought about her the whole time. I was gone for 2.5 hours.  She was fast asleep on Kate's bed when I went to pick her up.  All was well.

Must go do laundry.  Prefolds clean up barf really well.