April 4th, 2013



So he is here. I have a very short birth story :)

On Tuesday, I woke up with alarm lock at 6:45. I went to the washroom to pee and wet the hallway floor on the way instead. I thought "well great, now I am incontinent, and I feel off, so I must have a UTI." I went and peed anyway. Went back to bed. Went back to pee. Repeat a few times... All before 7am. At 7, I woke Liam up and told him I thought the baby would come today, that I should page Agnes and ask her to swing by before her clinic, and maybe bring a pee stick to check my UTI... I was feeling some low pressure, but not really patterned contractions. She phoned back and I was apparently panting on the phone, so she said she would cancel her clinic day and come over. I French braided my hair (i had a dream about birthing in French braids before I was even pregnant....) phoned the girls' school to let them know the girls would stay home. When Agnes showed up, I was in some amount of pain, she says I was about 3 mins apart, didn't bother to check me, set up and let me be, occasionally rubbing my back until I told her to STOP and started thrashing about trying to get comfortable. The second midwife and the student midwife arrived, they all let me be but stayed close, I  was mostly on all fours on my bed, and then started to push. Agnes yelled at Liam to get upstairs, he and abbey came up, 8:40 AMI pushed babe out in 2-3 pushes, somebody said boy, somebody passed him to be between my legs, and voila :) I flipped over and hung out, he caterwauled more than any of my other kids did at birth, nursed a bit. The midwives did some massage on my belly, the blood loss was pretty decent. The second had administered oxytocin after the head was out without me realizing (i had consented but though they had forgotten, they had not) and I did get a second shot after the placenta was out (huge placenta). Abbey cut the cord. They eventually made me go pee and I nearly passed out the hallway... But I hung out in the bathroom and ate grapes with the second and the student. Could not pee. Went back to bed, ate some more, more massage, more nursing, finally peed so Agnes sent student and second home (well to another birth at hospy) and she stayed with me all day.
9lbs 7
39 cm head
intact perineum.
Anterior tongue tie (ugh)
more later.