November 10th, 2005



It's snowing. Actually, it's doing that half snow, half rain thing. But I woke up to some big white fluffy flakes out my window. Fantastic!
Abigael is two months old today, and we're celebrating by staying in. No playgroups, movies, well baby drop ins, etc. I actually have come to the realization that I am play-grouped out. I went to three meetings on Tuesday (walked in on one by accident), and as much as I feel I need to meet people and get out, I am pretty exhausted;I need to face it and slow down. I cried in frustration at the La Leche League meeting, the leader had been to some conference and told us about a paper someone had written against the use of nursing pillows (some people have too much time on their hands) and since using a nursing pillow is the only way I can comfortably breastfeed, I was disheartened. Then I came to my senses and thought "who cares?" Seriously.

Deb came to visit over Halloween weekend; we had so much fun and toted the baby everywhere, including an afternoon visit to the local pub. She kept referring to my diaper bag and sling as my "costume". It was lovely to see her and relive our Windsor days. I am going to visit her, as well as Lynise and Reid in Toronto in a few weeks. Here is Abbey's Halloween costume: And that's me holding her, looking a wee bit exhausted. We had some teens come by to trick or treat; they were obviously up to some mischief but since they dressed up and Liam and I had bought way too much candy, I gave them some. One of the little rotters then threw an unwrapped condom at me... Liam ran after them and gave them a talking to, but the whole thing royally pissed me off. So I called the community police officer, who dealt with them as he saw fit. The worse part (although a bit amusing) is that we had so much candy left over that Liam took the bowl to work. He called me to tell me the kids had thrown more than one condom... the other one had fallen into the candy bowl and one of his colleagues came upon it...he was mortified, and I guess they tease the hell out of him about it.

I had a dream about you last night Allie. You came to babysit with Rachael of all people. And in my dream you were both shorter than me (wow), but you did have a shaved head. When I worry about you, and I do, especially as of late, I remember how Liam was when he was your age. He went through a lot of the same stuff you are undergoing now, and it makes me feel better to believe that you will have the wisdom to sort it all out.

I went to see the play I was in all summer with the new cast. It's always hard to see someone else in your part, especially since the role was written for me in mind and I helped in the development of the script, but it was really good and I enjoyed it tremendously. My replacement has to wear a fake pregnancy pillow, which was very funny to see. I went up to her afterwards and showed her Abbey, and warned her about the risks of working at the CMC... everybody seems to be getting pregnant...
On the catty side, my father's girlfriend has been here to see the baby, my father's ex-girlfriend has been here to see the baby. So where oh where is my mother? You would think that buying a ticket to come and see her only grandchild would preempt the new paint job on her car (I guess Wilma hit them harder than I thought). I understand the new roof, but the paint job? Whatever.
All the best to you dears