October 18th, 2005


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Forgive me father, it has been a while since my last shower. I'm talking days, people.
I am in between loads of laundry right now, in between Abbey's feedings, in between her weigh-ins, in between Liam's back-to-back business trips, somehow managing to keep it together.
I find myself itching to get out, I go to the grocery store almost every day, even when I have nothing in particular to buy. Today I went to Sue's house, Sue was one of the women in my pre-natal classes, and she drove me nuts then and still does, but what wouldn't I do just to have someone to talk to? She was the one who cried in class over her weight gain, and whose husband was already talking about how he would deal with her post-partum depression. So Sue's parenting style is pretty different from mine, and I confess that I was kind of glad to see that her house was in a bigger mess than mine. Liam and I are doing "attachment-parenting", which results in a supposedly trusting and confident child, but in a neglected household. My last appointment with my midwife is tomorrow, and I have to admit I am really sad about it. I have total separation anxiety about it and get kind of teary when I think that tomorrow is the last time Agnes will take care of me, at least for a while (she and Liam were planning the fifth baby a few days after Abigael was born). I am going to really miss her.
In non-baby related news, my colleague Richard has put in his resignation, which bums me out since he and I were cronies at work and had such a good time together. He was so fun to be in a show with, and it will be weird when I go back to work next year and he won't be there. We promised to stay in touch, and I hope we will.
That's all for now, Abbey's waking up