August 3rd, 2005


Oh the times, they are a changing

Well friends,
our little family is moving. Yes, I realize that working until September 2nd, moving by September first, and popping out a kid on the 7th might be overloading one's schedule, but I've always liked a little adversity so here is the story.
Liam and I came across this amazing 4 bedroom house for rent in our neighborhood. Moreover, it is in an awesome part of our neighborhood. It is only a bit more expensive than our current 2 bedroom apartment, and it has a basement, a yard, a great staircase, etc. Did I mention it has 4 bedrooms? Brand new fridge and stove, washer and dryer, oh my!
So at 35 weeks pregnancy, I am packing boxes, Liam is painting the new place, we are both working 40 + hours a week. What the hell.
Speaking of work, being a pregnant actress has hilarious moments. I don't know how many times I have been asked if I am wearing a pillow. The next time someone asks me "well, what'cha got in there?" I will say "puppies". The funniest was when this group of 40 or so Chinese tourists came and their guide (who barely spoke English) was showing them around and exclaimed "here is lady with baby!" Like I am a freakin' artefact or something. Well all the women in the group started screaming with glee, prodding my stomach, "IS REEEL BABEEEE, REEL BABEEE, NOT PEEEELOW!" and then, because I feel totally awkward I ask, "do you think it's a boy or a girl?" and they all go crazy and say "EEEEEES TWINS!!!". They then leave and ten minutes later, no word of a lie, another group from the same tour comes and the guide says "here is lady with baby!" and the whole conversation, verbatum, starts all over again. I live in a David Lynch movie.
This is the hottest Ottawa summer on record by the way. Think of me and wish me luck. 5 weeks to go!