April 15th, 2005


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

The English used to torture people by making them drink water until their stomachs burst. This is a little like getting an ultrasound.
I really thought I was going to pee in the car. I had tears in my eyes and once I got to the clinic and saw a bunch of other women who were cool and composed and I was doing the pee dance like a child, I had to say I was a bit humiliated.
But it was worth it just to see my DAUGHTER taking a nap inside my belly with her little arm by her head.
Liam and I are positively thrilled, even in moments of panic when we think "one day she'll want to have sex".
But I am humbled by the grandeur of The Plan, the Ways of the World, and all that is alive around us.
On that note, bless you all and I'll write in soon about my adventures (I have a couple of juicy ones...)